We welcome entrepreneurs from all over the world to Teknopark Istanbul

In an interview with Defensehere.com, the General Manager of Teknopark Istanbul, Bilal Topcu said that Cube Incubation, the incubation center of Teknopark Istanbul, is waiting for entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

Specifying that Teknopark Istanbul also hosts foreign companies, Topcu said:

“In our Teknopark, there are enterprises of foreign companies such as Boeing, ESP, BASF, FEV engineering. These companies are companies of foreign origin, but incorporated in Turkey, where mostly Turkish engineers and software developers work. Currently, we are hosting not only Turkish companies but also foreign companies. 

They even set up their own buildings on the campus. They are not our tenant; they also made long term decisions by investing. On the entrepreneurship side, we intend to make our calls to the whole world in the incubation center by 2021, not limiting them to Turkey.

In our newly completed building, we are also expanding the infrastructure and capacity of our incubation center: Cube Incubation. Our incubation center, which currently serves on 1,300 square meters, will be an incubation center on 5 thousand square meters in our new building, with special incubation centers, different infrastructures, and facilities in each floor where different calls with different focuses will be made.  

Our goal is to bring entrepreneurs, not only from Turkey but from all around the world, Europe, the Arab world, the Caucasus, and the Balkans as being the foremost as neighboring countries, to Istanbul, to Teknopark Istanbul incubation center Cube Incubation, by making various calls.  

In terms of deep technology, in this incubation center we plan to host young entrepreneurs and youth who will develop very good business models to the world with the calls we will make together with our corporate companies with which we have formed a cooperation.

It used to be a bit difficult to find funds for startups in Turkey, but as we all have seen recently, many venture capital funds have been formed. Lately, we have all heard news about this, especially the housing support our ministry is providing. Along with these, with the cash support that may occur here, either at the core stage or advanced stages, startups are growing with the investments that will be made. This is quite important in order to be a center of attraction. Teknopark Istanbul has become very beautiful with its infrastructure and facilities; in addition, I hope we can attract many entrepreneurs from abroad to Teknopark Istanbul, as it has become able to support this startup ecosystem with such funds.

We are planning to make our incubation center an international brand, and it will be completed very soon.  I and my teammates had the opportunity to visit many techno-parks, incubation centers, and similar facilities. Our building will also be very beautiful with that infrastructure and physical facilities, but what is important for us is not the buildings and infrastructure, but the projects that will emerge, their commercialization, their branding in the world. Therefore, we will give importance to that side and we will try to make our entrepreneurs from both abroad and Turkey known brands in the world.   

Bilal Topçu: ‘We welcome entrepreneurs from all over the world to Teknopark Istanbul’

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