Why The Iskander Missile Has Significant Importance To Russia

How dangerous is Russia’s Iskander missile? 9K720 Iskander is a Russian ballistic missile system designed for short-range targets. This system can be proved useful in many scenarios due to the big variety of available warheads.

The initial plans of the Russian army included the replacement of the older OTR-21 Toçka systems with the newer Iskander until 2020. The Iskander was designed to evade missile defenses. According to Missile Threat, the weapon can maneuver at more than 30g during its terminal phase. It’s also equipped with decoys to spoof interceptor missiles.

As such, the Iskander is extremely difficult to intercept with current missile defense technologies. It’s because of the missile's ability to overcome missile defenses that Moscow has placed Iskander-M launchers in Kaliningrad. The weapon affords Russia the ability to use its Baltic exclave to threaten U.S. missile defense installations in Poland and more generally to intimidate its neighbors.

It’s probably why Russia deployed the weapon to Syria, if the reports of the missile’s presence are correct.

Why The Iskander Missile Has Significant Importance To Russia

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