Will Turkey's Yörük 4x4 LAV join the Japanese soon ?

Turkish land vehicles manufacturer Nurol Makina’s Yörük 4x4 light armored vehicle (LAV) became one of the finalist bidders in an armored vehicle tender held in Japan. If the domestic vehicle wins the tender, it will be the first armored vehicle export from Turkey to Japan.

Besides the Nurol Makina vehicle, the tender has four other finalists.

The company’s more than 1,500 armored vehicles include different models, namely Ejder Yalçın 4x4 tactical wheeled armored vehicle, Yörük, Ilgaz II armored personnel carrier (APC), Ejder Kunter armored truck and Ejder TOMA riot control vehicle, all of which have been involved in missions in different countries in the last eight years.

The countries that use Nurol Makina’s products include Qatar, Kuwait, Hungary, Chile, Uzbekistan and Senegal.

Yörük 4x4 displayed at DSEI Japan Fair, the first large-scale integrated defense event in Japan in 2019.

The possible entry of a Turkish armored vehicle into the Japanese market would pave the way for more sales abroad since it will mark an important export success for a country that develops its own technology. It would also open the door for further successes in the Asia-Pacific market.

Source: Daily Sabah

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