World leader in Parachutes… Learn more about IrvinGQ from Business development manager Andrew Herrod

In interview with, the Business development manager of IrvinGQ Andrew Herrod talked about the history of the company and wide range of products the company provides.

IrvinGQ, formerly known as Airborne Systems, is an aerospace manufacturing company based in Wales, United Kingdom. The company specializes in the design, manufacture, and supply of a wide range of parachutes and emergency, rescue, and survival equipment for both the military and civilian markets.

“The company's been around for over 100 years, and we initially started manufacturing parachutes and the Leslee Leroy Irvin was the first free fall parachutes to be developed, hence the name Irvin and GQ. So, we developed the ability to do parachutes, which took us into different areas in the market sector. So, because of our skills in manufacturing parachutes, we were able to manufacture the Martin-Baker parachute for the ejector seat,” Herrod said, adding “And we've been a supplier to Martin Baker for the last 70 years.”

Herrod also explained how the company has deployed its massive experience and knowhow that it has accumulated over the years in developing other reliable systems such as Naval decoy, aerial delivery systems along other maritime capabilities, and he gave an example of these capabilities with IrvinGQ’s PRIBAD system. “Now it's 24 feet in length with five cradles. What that allows us to do is deploy up to 12-meter boats with 12 tones of weight, the size is a big advantage because as we know, everything is getting bigger, boat manufacturers are building bigger boats and of course there is armaments and everything else is fixed onto it. So therefore, we're offering our capability to meet the boat manufacturers’ needs and of course, the end user,” Herrod illustrated.

Inviting everyone to review the Irvin GQ’s products and capabilities, Harrod said “We're going to be in the World Defense Show in Saudi in February 24,” adding “We're very keen to work in the UAE and the Kingdom and the whole Middle East region. That's definitely one of the priority markets to IRVIN GQ”.

Learn more about Irvin GQ from Business development manager Andrew Herrod

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