3 new cooperation agreements signed between Turkish Aerospace and Airbus

Three new collaborations agreements were signed between Turkish Aerospace and Airbus.

The signed contract will cover the A350F's barrier wall, the A320 series 18 and 19 section combination, as well as the A220 series mid underbody panels.

Turkish Aerospace, which will be the Single Source Supplier of the A350F Platform - Barrier Wall throughout the entire program from 2024, will design, manufacture and supply the Barrier Wall for the A350F Platform.

Turkish Aerospace will be responsible for 50 percent of the production and assembly work of the 18/19 Sections of the Airbus A320 Single Corridor Series. Turkish Aerospace will also produce and deliver the Middle Lower Body Panels of the A220 Series Platforms as a Single Source Supplier as of 2023.

Providing thousands of parts and components to Airbus platforms for more than 20 years, Turkish Aerospace's ongoing projects include the production of A350XWB Winglets, A330 Rudder, A320 Section 18 and Section 19.

Ömer Cihad Vardan, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, who took part in the agreement signed between Airbus and Turkish Aerospace, stated the following about the cooperation:

"We are proud to once again sign a comprehensive and long-term business package with Airbus, one of the strategic companies with which we cooperate in the field of aviation. I believe that the close cooperation between our company and Airbus will support the performance and cost effectiveness of the A320 Series, A350F, A220 programs. I congratulate all my colleagues and Airbus officials who contributed to this cooperation."

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