Air Commodore discusses products and services of PAC Kamra

Air Commodore Faisal Ayaz from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra talked to about PAC Kamra and its products. PAC is an organization which comprises of four co-located factories which maintains all operational assets of Pakistan Air Force.

Air Commodore Faisal Ayaz said the following in the interview:

"PAC comprises of four factories that normally works under Ministry of Defense Production. It is the aim of, and the mission assigned to us by the Government of Pakistan is to strengthen and deliver all defense industry of Pakistan so as to strengthen its sister forces. Mainly Pakistan Airforce, Navy, and Army.

We have four factories, one is the avionics production factory, aircraft rebuild factory, mirage rebuild factory, and aircraft manufacturing factory. I will appraise you one by one about each factory.

The first factory is Aircraft Rebuild Factory. Aircraft Rebuild Factory was established in 1974 primarily for the Chinese systems like F-7 aircraft, F-7PG, K-8 aircraft they are doing the overalls of. All these major components, overhaul of engines and the frames of the aircraft. Since its inception in 1974 we have overall almost 1100 aircraft.

Now coming to the MRF which is Mirage Rebuild Factory is primarily doing the overall of other system except Chinese system. French system and US system. Mirage Rebuild Factory was also established in 1974, since its establishment it has overall almost 680 aircraft.

Avionics production factory is for all avionics of the aircraft. For example, they are producing avionics for the JF-17 aircraft. They are also carrying out the overall of the ground-based radar as well. They are carrying out the overall of airborne radars as well. So we have a very dedicated team of OFP (operation flight software program) of the JF-17. So, we have a signature, we have a distinction, we can integrate any weapon whether it is indigenous weapon, whether it is NATO weapon, whether it is Chinese weapon, on the JF-17 aircraft. So, this is unheard and unseen of in any air force in the world.

Now coming over to Aircraft Manufacturing Factory which is called AMF. AMF is normally a responsible for the production of JF-17 aircraft and Mushshak aircraft which is our main products. Now, our main products are two, one is the Mushshak aircraft and the JF-17 aircraft. We have manufactured 350 aircraft and 92 of them are presently flying in different countries in the world. We have contracted for the sale of 150 Mushshak aircraft. Contracts have been signed but the delivery are in the pipeline and a major client is Turkish Airforce. In Turkish Airforce in next year March, 10 Mushshak aircraft will be flying. Turkish team is there for the acceptance and our team will be coming next year for sustenance program and staying there in Turkey.

So this is a normal overview of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex. Along with this we have 2 setups as well which is Kamra Aviation Industries Limited (KAIL) and the other thing is AvRID. AvRID is our R&D unit and KAIL is the commercial outlook of PAC Kamra.

Our targeted markets are the defense industry because we are defense production industry. We have mostly aviation related products, and we have good state of the art machines, we have been producing Boeing parts, we have been producing aviation related parts, so the targeted market is at defense industry.

We are open to any country except for those countries which has been restricted by our ministry."

Air Commodore discusses products and services of PAC Kamra

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