Aksungur Carrying F-16’s Payload - Teber Guidance Kit

Aksungur UAV, manufactured by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), has gained a new capability. The UAV has flown for 49 hours (2 days and 1 hour), over the past few days and recently the President of SSB Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir reported on his twitter account that Aksungur successfully dropped/tested the MK-82 ammunition with a Teber laser guidance kit integrated to it.

Thus, it was the first time for an Aksungur UAV to drop a MK-82 ammunition with a Teber guidance kit attached, since the ammunition-guidance kit combination has only been loaded on and dropped by F-16s before .

Since the ammunition includes the Teber smart guidance kit produced by Roketsan, it has become easier to hit targets. Thus, Aksungur has become the first Turkish UAV to deliver a 227 kg ammunition with a 89 kg warhead  to target using laser guidance.

Teber also has an adavantage that it can be quicly integrated to bombs on feild and that it can be integrated to not just the MK-82 ammunition, as in the drop test, but also to the M-81s. 

Aksungur İHA, F-16'nın işine el attı - The first bomb from Turkish UAV - TEBER - TUSAŞ - ROKETSAN

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