U.S. to invest $9.6 billion in barracks repair and reconstruction

Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston says there will be a large investment in barracks facilities coming to Army installations over the next 10 years.

“Our goal is, by 2030, we are not going to have any Q4 or Q3 barracks in the United States Army,” Grinston said Tuesday during the virtual Association of the United States Army conference.

The Army uses quality ratings to guide its allocation of resources.

A Q3-rated facility is one that fails to meet the Army’s minimum standards, and the cost to improve it is no more than 40 percent of the replacement value. A Q4 rating means the building fails to meet minimum standards, but the cost to improve it would exceed 40 percent of the replacement value.

To achieve its goals, the Army has requested $9.6 billion for barracks repair and reconstruction that will continue through fiscal 2030. Between fiscal years 2014 and 2019, Army Installation Management Command spent roughly $1.9 billion on repairs to barracks at Fort Hood, West Point, Fort Riley, Fort Bragg and elsewhere.

Grinston told Army Times in February that barracks improvements would take place at domestic and overseas posts, but would be done judiciously, prioritizing the worst-kept barracks.

The Army owns about 6,700 barracks facilities, and almost all installations with barracks have at least one in a Q3 or Q4 status, Army Materiel Command officials told Army Times earlier this year.

Source: armytimes

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