ASELSAN delivers Radar Electronic Warfare System to the Turkish Armed Forces

İsmail Demir announced that the first of the Radar Electronic Warfare System, VURAL, developed by ASELSAN was delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces.

President of Defense Industries İsmail Demir made a statement on his Twitter account, "Our deliveries continue on the last day of the year. We have delivered the Electronic Attack versions of the VURAL Radar Electronic Warfare System, which has national software and hardware, to the Turkish Armed Forces for the first time."

VURAL Radar Electronic Warfare System

VURAL Radar Electronic Warfare System consists of Electronic Support and Electronic Attack subsystems. Radar Electronic Support subsystems detect the enemy radar and radar-guided target systems and extract technical information from these systems. The Radar Electronic Attack subsystem on the other hand perform electronic attacks in order to reduce/destroy the effectiveness of the said target systems in the field.

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