ASISGUARD showcased optical systems

ASISGUARD General Manager Mustafa Barış Düzgün talked to about the optical systems developed for military applications.

"These camera systems have different options. We have thermal cameras, we have day night cameras. So, in all electromagnetic spectrum we have different type of cameras. We have different continuous optics, we have options for zoom, we have options to see in the dark.

ASISGUARD products has branch of a lot of categories. We have, for example, driver vision systems. We have also 360 degrees of surveillance system, situational awareness system. We have some systems that can be used for gun turret. We have systems for border protection.

Actually we are getting the sensor outside[from other manufacturers] but we are designing hardware, we are designing software. We have actually so many intellectual knowledge about developing these systems.

When you develop a camera system you have to develop some displays, so, we have displays from 7 inch to 19 inch. We designed all these as military products. These units are in use in Turkish Army in the field, for more than 2000 ground vehicles." Mr. Düzgün stated.


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