Belarus to receive second batch of Russian BTR-82A armored vehicles soon

First Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Belarusian Armed Forces Igor Korol stated on Sunday that Belarus’ armed forces will soon receive the second battalion set of BTR-82A armored personnel carriers from Russia.

"We have received one battalion set of BTR-82A, which came in service in the 120th mechanized brigade. The second battalion set of these state-of-the-art vehicles will reach Belarus within a month. It will go to the 6th mechanized brigade," he said in an interview with the STV television channel.

According to Korol, the country’s army will receive Russian-made multi-purpose combat vehicles by mid-2022.

The first batch of Russian BTR-82A combat vehicles were delivered to Belarus in late September.

Such vehicles are used in the Azerbaijani and Kazakh armies.


Source: TASS

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