Book: Defense Industries in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis

In an exclusive Interview with Defensehere, the Defense Policy Analyst Mr. Çağlar Kurç talked about a newly released book that he has been of the editors of. The book is named :Defense industries in the 21st century: "A Comparative Analysis".

In the Interview Kurç said the following about the book:

"We started this book with Dr. Neuman and Richard Bitzinger joined us.

Our aim is to find how the globalization of arms production have been affecting the emerging states. How and why emerging states are investing in their defense industry and its implications on the international security.

We started this program or research project when I was in Columbia university doing my postdoc research there.

Both me and Dr. Neuman we were really interested in these issues. So, we thought that it will be a good idea to do an e-workshop and bring in experts and scholars and try to find the answers to these questions with their help.

So, to this end we organized three e-workshops and in all of these e-workshops we tried to focus on the emerging and rising powers and their defense industries and why and how they are making investments in their defense industries, how the course of their defense industrial development has changed and what were the implications on the international security and their military power.

So, the book actually offers a really good introduction into the debates about the globalization of defense industries, globalization of arms production and it offers an insight into why and how emerging states are investing in their defense industries and what are the implications   

So, the first chapter which is the introduction, we offer the reader an overall view of the current debate. So, what are those debates?

So, the first debate is whether we are experienced in globalization in arms production or not and if yes what would be the implications of this globalization on the states’ power whether the states can become self-sufficient in defense production, if not, what are the ways they are pursuing this defense industrialization.

So, the introduction presents the debates within the literature and the following chapters focus on the case studies and in that case studies we try to encompass as much country as possible and as wide range of regions as possible.

So, our case studies look at Turkey, Asian countries, Latin American countries, Egypt, India, European countries and small European countries too.

So, all of these papers provide an in-depth analyses of why these countries are investing in their defense industries and what the problems they are experiencing and how they navigate their ways into this globalized or internationalized arms production relations and in the final chapter, we don’t really present a final word about it, however what we show is that how our case studies help us understand the debates in the literature.

One of the most important issues that we focus on is about the variation, because when we look at the system, we see there is a great variation in defense industrial policies, so some would focus on niche market, some would focus on self-sufficiency, but even in that we tend to see variations, so this is what our book offers to the readers.

So, the book is published by Routledge and you can reach this book either through Routledge’s website or amazon or other online retailers.

So, the book is currently presented as hardcover, however in the coming years or days… years let’s say we can have paperback and the e-book versions of it."

Book: Defense Industries in the 21st Century: A Comparative Analysis


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