BörüCASE produces waterproof, dustproof, and impact resistant gun cases

BörüCASE, the professional protection and carrying case brand of Gökçeler Makine, which has been operating in the defense industry for many years, presented its single pistol case with 6 color options.

As with all products of BörüCASE, single pistol case has been developed to enable the safe transportation and protection of military equipment and hardware.

Features of BörüCASE Single Pistol Case 

The special foam in the case can be easily configured according to the required shape to protect any equipment.
The strong cage structure created by BörüCASE design engineers in all models gives extra strength to the body under adverse conditions, and prevents it from slipping by holding each other when stacked on top of other cases.

The cases became more flexible, durable and lighter with the special Polypropylene (PP) material structure used in their production.
The robust structure of the polyoxymethylene (POM) material allows the handles to carry heavy loads easily under difficult conditions, while the TPU material coated on it provides an easy grip for the hand.

In BörüCASE designs, dust, moisture, water and chemicals do not leak into the bag with the gasket integrated in the case structure.

With the air valve in the case, the inner pressure of the bag can be kept under control.

BörüCASE special carrying bags, with their interlocking locked case structure, prevent any damage to the product inside by absorbing all kinds of impacts that may come from the outside, even at very low and very high temperatures.

BörüCASE also has padlock sections in all its models for extra security.

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