Can be used on people! - Polish company introduces biodegradable fire extinguisher

PartGroup Piotr Gertych, a Polish company, introduces a 100% biodegradable fire suppressant that can be used on people.

"Dubbed iBlockFire, the innovative fire suppressant is NIZP-PZH certified thus it is the world's first fire suppressant spray that is completely safe for use on humans besides being harmless for the environment," company official stated.

When sprayed, the device releases foam that adheres to both smooth and vertical surfaces. When the bubbles of the foam rupture, a non-evaporating gel is released, thus prolonging the operating time by settling on the flammable surfaces, preventing reignition.

With a spraying range of up to 8 meters, iBlockFire’s operating range is almost 40% greater than other fire extinguishers on the market, and it was recommended for fire fighting by the Polish Ministry of National Defence in February 2020.

According to Part Group, because of its small form factor and the fact that it is safe to use on people iBlockFire is dedicated for use by anyone for rapid response to initial and small fires or to prevent objects from catching fire in an enflamed environment.

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