Critical signature on the biggest defense export

According to the statement made by STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade Inc. (STM), an agreement was signed between the company along with a Military Factory and Shipyard Operations (ASFAT) on the supply and integration of engineering solutions.

The main propulsion systems, which constitute the most important platform systems of the ships, provide the movement of the ships.

Thanks to the solution to be realized under the responsibility of STM, the Pakistan Navy will add strength to its strength with today's technological innovations.

Construction of MILGEM corvettes to be produced for Pakistan Navy under ASFAT's main contractor will be carried out at Istanbul Shipyard Command and Karachi Shipyard. STM will contribute to Turkey's most important military maritime export project with its international experience.

Pakistan is directly involved in different projects according the needs of the Navy as well as the STM project which was signed in January 2013 and delivered to Pakistan’s naval supply. STM is taking firm steps to become a global brand of Turkey in the field of military shipping through its international projects.

STM also undertook critical tasks in MILGEM project, which was developed domestically for the needs of the Turkish Navy. With this engineering experience, significant contributions have been made by the high level of participation of the Turkish industry.

The export of Turkey's national talent to "friend and sister country" Pakistan is important in terms of showing the stage at which the country's industry and engineering capability has reached.

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