CTech provides satellite communication of the unmanned fighter aircraft ANKA-3

ANKA-3, an unmanned combat aircraft developed by Turkish Aerospace with national resources, successfully made its first flight.

Satellite communication of ANKA-3 is provided by the SkyARX product produced by CTech with national resources.

ANKA-3, which was displayed on the runway for the first time in March 2023 and started taxi tests, will open a new page in the field of UAVs with its jet engine and speed, high payload capacity and tailless structure that is almost invisible on radar.

CTech products used in Türkiye's national projects

SCOFUS, TerraARX and SkyARX, which are among the over-the-horizon communication products developed locally and nationally by CTech Bilişim, offer uninterrupted communication to their users.

The company's communication systems are used on mobile platforms such as sea, land, air, and especially on military platforms.

Apart from ANKA-3, the SkyARX product also works on ANKA and AKSUNGUR platforms.

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