Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association: serving the industry for over 30 years

Gathering 206 defense industry companies under its roof in Turkey, Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD) has been serving the defense industry sector for over 30 years.

SASAD was established in 1990 in Ankara with the suggestion and support of the Ministry of National Defense.

At the beginning of 2012, manufacturers in the field of aerospace were also included in ​​the association and the name of the association was changed to the Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association.

The following information was given in the newly released promotional video of SASAD:

"As the only organization which gathers more than 200 manufacturing companies and 6 clusters, with the motivation of serving the country and the experience more than 30 years;

We are the advocate and the voice of Turkish Defense and Aerospace Industry, which is the most effective source of Turkish national income…

- Through local and global cooperation,
- Through scientific contributions which we provide for the analysis and roadmap of the sector,
- Through appearing in the fields which we provide value-added to employment in our country,
- As one of the significant actors which makes moves to enhance the sector,
- Through our civil structure, which provides a collaboration capability and a common language in the field of Turkish Defense and Aerospace,
- Through our role as the tracker of problems in the field,

We are at the center of the Defense and Aerospace sector in our country.

Our knowledge and experience, with support of our members, is being harmonized, and with SASAD’s motivation to serve country, is taking root.


The Civil Voice of the Sector"

Defense and Aerospace Industry Manufacturers Association: serving the industry for 30 years

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