Defense industry firms invested the most in R&D in Turkey

Top investments in R&D in Turkey achieved by Defense industry firms

In 2019, Turkishtime journal released a list with Turkey’s top 250 companies according their R&D expenditures. The list was published survey by Turkishtime named Top 250 R&D Companies of Turkey.

Defense industry companies on the list managed to draw attention thanks to their R&D expenditures.

Ranking 1st on the list, TAI was the company that invested the most in R&D with expenditures of 3 billion 14 million Turkish liras.

Following TAI, ASELSAN ranked second on the list with 2 billion 975 million liras.

Roketsan ranked third with 525 million liras and HAVELSAN ranked fifth with 458 million liras, where TEI ranked ninth with 314 million liras.

In the rest of the list, the ranking was as following:

11th FNSS Defence Systems

13th Softtech

20th Otokar automotive and defence industry

44th Vestel defence industry

48th Alp aviation

77th Tumosan engine and tractor

82nd Aircraft Seats manufacturing company

139th Ermaksan

155th Nero Industry

157th HAVELSAN Technology Radar

158th BITES Defence & Aerospace

184th Katmerciler

You can find the full list here: Turkishtime’s Top 250 R&D Companies of Turkey

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