EHSIM: A Brand In Electronic Warfare System

Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering Trading Ltd. Company (EHSIM) was established on 24 April 1998 to operate in the field of electronic warfare and tactical command control systems under the name of “HAVELSAN EHSIM Air Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering Trading Inc.”

EHSIM has served as sub-contractor or main contractor in many projects and has introduced unique systems for our defense industry since its establishment, and its title has been changed as “EHSIM Electronic Warfare Systems Engineering Trading Inc.” with a decision taken at the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting held on 9 September 2019.

EHSIM, aiming to be the leader in its own operation area in the defense industry, operates in 8 different areas especially including self-defense systems, and develops new products or provides services.

Studies on self-protection systems have increased to sub-system level in 2006 when Chaff/Flare system, also known as EHSIM Countermeasure Dispenser System (CDS), came into use by Turkish Air Forces Command. Afterwards, CDS has evolved to Electronic Warfare Suite Management and the ability of the one-point manage of all sub-systems such as Radar Warning Receivers, RF Interference Systems, Missile Warning Systems, Electronic Support System was acquired. It is a unique experience gained over the years to design, perform and test the effectiveness of the Self-Protection Techniques.

In addition to its main fields of activity, EHSIM also provide ILS, Digital Card Development and RF Module Development services to other companies and institutions in the sector.

Besides the projects conducted in the field of CDS, EHSIM also provides below-mentioned services:

• Supporting office and general business functions of working and living areas on board while the ship is in port and cruise thanks to the Ship Information System (GEBIS),

• Determining the presence quality and parameters of interference signals by examining IF log files running on personal computer and are sampled under Windows operating system, thanks to the Interference Technique Analysis Software,

• Providing services such as performing modifications and software updates in SPEWS-I and F-16 self-protection system electronic warfare software that is required to meet the additional operational needs of Turkish Air Forces.

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