Electra IC to provide DO-254 training on February 10 in Ankara

Electra IC, which has developed many projects over the years for consumer electronics, especially aviation and defense projects, continues to transfer its knowledge and experience in this field to the sector through its trainings.

The General Manager and Managing Partner of the company, Mr. Ateş Berna, spoke in an exclusive interview with Defensehere about the DO-254 training they will be giving in Ankara on February 1 and the other training services of Electra IC, as well. In the in there view he said the following:

DO-254 is an electronic hardware development guidelines. So, we are expert on that field, we have delivered engineering services to help a customer in Germany in 2016 and 2017, but since we were founded in 2014, we have been internal customers, I mean domestic customers in Turkey as well, in terms of DO-254 services.

What we are doing is we are helping them, either in the design part or in the verification part to be compliant towards DO-254 processes, that its what we do. We can also deliver DO-254 related trainings that is also an area that we can help our customers.

On the 10th of February we will organize a DO-254 training in Ankara and previously we have received some delegates, some attendees from outside of Turkey; like from Saudi-Arabia or from Pakistan. They visited us and they attended our trainings, but then they didn’t only stay in Ankara, they also went to Istanbul, because Istanbul is one of the beautiful cities in the world, so they also take this opportunity to make it leisure time as well, so this is also helping both people from outside of Turkey, but also we are receiving external attendees to our trainings.

We are going to help our customers to learn what is the DO-254, what are the processes in the DO-254, what should you expect in a DO-254 process, what kind of tools you have to use. So, the profile is either managers of the companies, who are considering applying for the DO-254 processes, or to learn the DO-254 processes and also engineers for sure, who are going to work in DO-25 compliant project.

So, this is a three days extensive training with some lectures, but also with some exercises and it is a face to face training in our Ankara branch in Odtü Teknokent CoZone.

Turkish electronics designer, Electra IC, to provide DO-254 training on February 10 in Ankara

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