ElectraIC launches Turkey's first 100% indigenous '3U VPX Development Chassis'

Turkish electronics designer and developer  Electra IC - a leader in the field of ASIC, FPGA and embedded systems design, especially in Aerospace and Defense projects - launched Turkey's first 100% indigenous and domestic "3U VPX Open Frame Development Chassis".

The 3U VPX Open Frame Development Chassis launched by ElectraIC provides a suitable test environment for the verification of hardware that has 3U VPX form factor. 

Designing, developing, and testing a VPX system is a complex, time and budget consuming process. A good development and test platform lightens this burden.

With this product, the company provides a fast and cost-effective solution for companies developing 3U VPX hardware to test their products.

The current specifications aside, the product can also be manufactured to have the hardware and software specific to the application to be used, upon customer request. What is more, it is possible to perform tests via remote connection thanks to its ethernet interface. 

  • What is this product? What does it do? What does it work for? 

Ismail Hakki Topcu: The 3U VPX Open Frame Development Chassis provides a test environment for verification of hardware with a 3U VPX form factor designed to the Vita 46 standard. It supports all standard or application-specific 3U VPX motherboards. With this product, we offer a fast and cost-effective solution to test the products of companies developing 3U VPX hardware. 

  • What is your reason of developing this product? 

I.H.T.: This product was developed at the request of our customers. It is used in the development and verification of certain systems such as RADAR, electronic warfare systems, flight computers etc. The motherboard, processor cards and FPGA development chassis used in these systems can be mounted on the product to test both hardware and software.
Along with this product, we also developed an FPGA card we call BitFlex-VPX3-MZQ1. This card can be used as a receiver card emulator used in RADAR and electronic warfare systems. This way, software verification can be performed by developing many test scenarios with the data produced by this card. 

  • Was the product developed by ElectraIC engineers? Is it a completely domestic product? 

Faruk Tevfik Karaahmet: It is a product designed and manufactured all by ElectraIC.

  •  How long did it take you to develop the product? 

F.T.K.: The R&D of the product was completed in 12 months. In line with the request of our customers, application-specific hardware and software development services are also provided.

  • Has the product been launched? Is it released? Which companies use the product for what purposes? 

I.H.T.: We introduce our product on our website and at fairs, events and meetings. Our product is currently used by our customers developing products in the 3U VPX environment, particularly companies in the defense industry. 

  • Can you manufacture similar products for all customers who request them? 

F.T.K.: Yes, of course. The product can be manufactured to have the hardware and software specific to the application to be used, upon customer request. 

  • Do you also provide support services to your customers regarding the product?

F.T.K.: Software development, repair and maintenance services are provided under the maintenance and support agreement. We also provide 3U VPX motherboard and FPGA card design and verification services in line with the requirements of our customers for application-specific designs. 

  • What does the success of 3U VPX Open Frame Development Chassis mean for ElectraIC? What does it mean for our country? 

I.H.T.: There are similar products on the market. However, as ElectraIC, we have localized this product open to development. Also, it is manufactured completely by ElectraIC. In addition, we make a direct contribution to our customers’ business processes with customer-specific hardware and software designs. 

For detailed information about 3U VPX Development Chassis: "3U VPX Open Frame Development Chassis"

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