Fincantieri to build two CSVOs for Taiwan

VARD, the Norwegian subsidiary of the Fincantieri Group, signed a contract for the design and construction of two Commissioning Service Operation Vessels (CSOV) with a Taiwanese customer.

The company made the following statement on the order:

“The ships will be based on VARD’s new 4 39 designs, tailored to the specific demands of Taiwan’s burgeoning offshore wind sector with a highly versatile all-round platform for sustainable windfarm support operations both as service vessels and for the building and installation phase. Their design will also focus on environmental footprint with an efficient machinery and propulsion set-up for high station keeping capabilities, improved workability, and operational reliability.”

The new units, which will be delivered respectively in Q4 2026 and Q1 2027, will be approximately 102.7 meters long, with a beam of 19.5 meters, being able to accommodate 120 persons on board and featuring high standard crew and client facilities. They will be arranged with dedicated spaces for future technologies, such as increased battery packs and possibilities for alternative fuels, according to the press release shared by the company.

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