Greek Cypriot administration to buy 6 attack helicopters from France: Report

The Greek Cypriot administration will purchase six attack helicopters from France, local media reported on Tuesday.

The Parliamentary Committee on Defense approved the release of €53 million (around $56 million) to be paid as an advance to aerospace giant Airbus, according to Greek Cypriot daily Politis.

The total cost of the helicopters and ammunition, including bullets, rocket launchers and guided missiles, will be around €140 million, which will be paid in instalments by 2026, the report said.

The Defense Ministry eventually wants to acquire 12 French attack helicopters, it added.

It is also planning to sell 11 Russian-made Mi-35 attack helicopters to Serbia, particularly due to their outdated technology and hefty maintenance costs.

European Union sanctions on Russia have also made repairs and maintenance of the helicopters almost practically impossible, the report said.

As for the other Russian products in its military arsenal, including T-80 tanks, BMP-3 infantry vehicles and various air defense systems, the Greek Cypriot administration is working to find solutions to keep them operational, according to the daily.

Source: AA

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