Hackers will compete in Hack Zeugma

Turkey is hosting an extraordinary worldwide competition. Turkey's largest and most comprehensive CTF contest Hack Zeugma 2020 will be organized in Teknofest within this year, with the theme 'cyber security of industrial control systems'.

The Hack Zeugma 2020 contest will bring together thousands of hackers from many countries around the world to showcase their skills.

Hackers' skills will push the boundaries with advanced real-life cyber attack scenarios, guided by the world's leading experts.

Application deadline for Hack Zeugma 2020 which will be held between 22-27 September 2020, is 31 July 2020.

The first will be award is $ 10,000, the second award is $ 6,000 and the third award is $ 3000.

For more detailed information and application click here: Hack Zeugma 2020


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