HAVELSAN brings swarm intelligence to unmanned ground and aerial vehicles

Speaking at the ceremony held at HAVELSAN’s premises in Ankara in the honor of launching the company’s new logo, HAVELSAN’s General Manager Mehmet Akif Nacar gave information about the cutting-edge digital units developed by the company.

Nacar said to following on the topic:

Mr. President, we are proud and happy to announce to you and to our dear nation that we have fulfilled the promise we made at the beginning of the year despite all the challenges and current circumstances resulting from the pandemic.

As a part of our new vision, we would like to share with you an important step we have taken towards future technologies:

We have made significant progress in technologies that we call digital units for the future battlefield.

We kept our promise that we gave at the beginning of the year where before the year ends, we were capable of operationalizing our unmanned ground vehicle not only that but we were also capable of bringing these systems to a level where they can operate together using swarm intelligence.

When payloads and subsystems are integrated onto these systems, we will be able to perform joint operations from a single center as of next year, and our digital units will provide an important supremacy as a force multiplier through these operations.

In addition to the statement that we gave today recording this special and historic moment, we would like to point out the following:

We will continue to share many surprises related the field of our company "HAVELSAN" and in the field of swarm intelligence, in the coming days, especially in 2021, when we will start operating from our new technology campus.

HAVELSAN brings swarm intelligence to unmanned ground and aerial vehicles

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