HAVELSAN's command and control information system: DOOB

Turkish defense and technology company HAVELSAN produces joint command and control information systems to manage military operations successfully and minimize military casualties.

The company’s DOOB (Defence Out of a Box) product family is an expandable joint system for use by the armed forces in its basic war and resource management activities.

Umit Rifat Erdem, C4ISR technologies project manager at HAVELSAN, told DefenseHere that the DOOB product family is designed to meet the command-and-control requirements for the commanders and their staff.

“We have three members of that family, they are planned to be used that strategic and operational level, the first member,” Erdem said. “The second member is this one, it is planned to be used that tactical level with mobile systems.”

“And the third member of the family is mobile, it is a secure mobile phone application,” he said, for tactical usage, it is mainly used as mounted into military armored vehicles.

Erdem indicated that HAVELSAN has agreements with military armored vehicle producers in Turkey like OTOKAR, FNSS, TUMOSAN, NUROL, KATMERCILER, and along with drone manufacturer UAVERA.

“We can provide command and control requirements or command and control capabilities to tactical level commanders at armored vehicles,” he said.  

“So, you can use the system to command and control your troops, but you can also display information from the technical vehicle, they are fully integrated,” Erdem said, adding:

“And also, you can display the camera view of unmanned aerial vehicles with the system.”

Established in 1982 as a corporation owned by and affiliated with the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, HAVELSAN is one of the largest and leading technology firms in Turkey.

The company is mainly active in the fields of defense, simulation, information and communication, homeland security, and cyber security.

HAVELSAN's command, control information system: DOOB

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