HAVELSAN determines the security levels of institutions with CML determination service

Today, with the increasing amount of cyber attack types and vectors, it is crucial that every institution and organization know its current situation against possible attacks and take the necessary measures to improve any vulnerabilities. Cyber Maturity Level (CML) Determination Service calculates cyber security hazards that corporations and institutions can encounter.

With CML Determination Service, HAVELSAN effectively and rapidly draws the general image of the current state and identifies the areas that need improvement at a detailed level, with its experts and the cyber maturity level detection framework it has developed.

CML Determination Service’s aim is to determine the security levels of the institution's information assets with the end-to-end audit activity that is carried out, covering all the processes and assets of the institution. In the light of this audit work, all cyber security deficiencies of the institution or organization are revealed and prioritized.

HAVELSAN provided CML Determination Service to the Turkish Coast Guard Command and TCDD (Turkish National Railway System) in the last quarter of 2022. In the context of the service provided, the current situation analysis was done and a to-be situation design was made according to the results. In this way, it was aimed to reach the optimum point of employee, technology and process components. In this way, measures against cyber threats were brought to the highest level.

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