HAVELSAN introduced the Combat Training Center in Residential Areas in Foça

HAVELSAN has released a video introducing the "Combat Training Center in Residential Areas" established in 2019 at the Gendarmerie Commando School in the Foça district of Izmir.

At the Combat Training, Simulation and Test Center in Residential Areas, Gendarmerie Commandos are given one of the best combat training in the world.

The area, which consists of 11 buildings, includes rooms/corridors of different sizes and shapes and secret passage tunnels.

With the trainings carried out here, the complex structure that a single soldier, element or team may encounter in the operational environment, and the unforeseen threats in different places and times are realistically experienced. In addition, skills such as advancing techniques in residential areas, entering buildings, cleaning buildings, and preparing defensive positions are increased within the existing training area.

Surprise target systems, fog/flash effect generators, camera and sound systems, adjustable pressure doors, improvised explosive simulators and radio systems can be controlled through the training management system developed by HAVELSAN. Thus, performance measurement is made by measuring the instant reactions of the trainees.

Features of the center, which was established to prepare for the threats of the asymmetrical war environment:

  • 9 single-storey, 2 double-storey buildings
  • 64 rooms, 16 corridors
  • Hidden mixing tunnels
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) Simulator
  • Pressure-regulating door
  • Realistic operational environment
  • Different types of booby traps
  • Mobile command and control center
HAVELSAN introduced the Combat Training Center in Residential Areas in Foça

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