HAVELSAN is among the top 100 defense industry companies in the world

HAVELSAN entered the Defense Top 100 list, where the world's strongest defense companies were determined.

The list determined by the global defense website Defense News every year according to the defense revenues of the companies. HAVELSAN succeeded to be one of the 7 Turkish companies on the list with its defense income of 295.61 million dollars.

HAVELSAN General Manager Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacer, expressed that 7 Turkish defense companies being on the world's most prestigious list to be among the first 100 reflects the technological development of the Turkish defense industry and the resulting increasing export potential.

Reminding that this success is the success of the defense industry as well as HAVELSAN, Nacar said, “This success is the success of our defense industry altogether. Our Defense Industry Executive Committee, our Presidency of Defense Industries, the Ministry of National Defense, the Turkish Armed Forces, the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, our employees, our internal and external customers and our business partners have a share in this success. Good luck to our country and HAVELSAN."

Nacar also congratulated the management and employees of ASELSAN, TAI, ROKETSAN, STM, BMC and FNSS, which are included in the Defense Top 100 list together with HAVELSAN.

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