HAVELSAN is making various contacts in Egypt for the Middle East and Africa market

HAVELSAN exhibits its products at the International Defense Industry Fair EDEX 2023 held in Egypt.

Welcoming its visitors at booth D70 in Hall 4, HAVELSAN holds various meetings within the scope of the fair.

Şevket Ünal, Vice President of International Business Development and Marketing of the company, evaluated the EDEX fair and explained the activities of HAVELSAN.

Ünal stated that HAVELSAN took part in the EDEX 2023 fair with its leading defense, simulation, autonomous platform management, and information and communication technologies.

Şevket Ünal continued his words as follows:

“Hello, we are here at EDEX exhibition in Cairo, this is the third one that's ongoing because we have seen today that EDEX, Egypt is the center between Africa and Middle East and the APAC countries.

So, we are here to showcase our solutions. Basically, HAVELSAN is a company, which is specialized in software for military needs. We have command control systems for the Air Forces for the Navy and for the land forces. We provide joint C4i systems which have already been used in various countries around the world. So HAVELSAN is operating in more than 20 countries where solutions already have been deployed and they are combat proven.

In a nutshell, HAVELSAN provides simulation software, simulators for air forces and for civil planes like Airbus and the Boeing civil airplanes. Also, we have simulators for all the platforms which are rotary and fixed wing like Black Hawk, Seahawk Cougars, and of course, other platforms like CN-235 and KT-1. So we are here until Thursday, so we hope to see a some of the delegations.

Today we had some good portion of delegations but will be here too to briefly discuss about it. And we are looking at the future and we are continuously investing in the future in autonomous systems, for example. So we have autonomous systems for VTOLs and unmanned ground vehicles and unmanned sea vehicles and this is the future. The future is autonomous, the future is swarm technologies and the future is connected.

To catch the future, we have to be ready from today and that's an area that we are also very open to openly discuss Collaboration and WinWin Technologies of, of course, including technology transfer. We hope to see more people who are also willing to invest in their own countries in the R&D so that they also can increase the competence and the experience levels.

as HAVELSAN we have information, communication technologies where we provide ERP solutions, but military grade ERP solutions for Air Forces, land forces and Navy, like operation centers; Navy operations centers, air operations centers and joint operation centers.

Furthermore, we can see that also the integrated border security is very important. Coastal surveillance is very important as we go in the future. So we have to control our borders, whether it be on the Navy, on the sea side or on the land side.

And to discuss all of this, we expect to see you at our booth here in EDEX, in Hall four. Thank you.”

HAVELSAN is making various contacts in Egypt for the Middle East and Africa market


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