HAVELSAN representative talks about HAVELSAN Diyalog, a secure video conferencing product

HAVELSAN Sales Manager Mahmut Esat Kara talked about HAVELSAN Diyalog, a video conferencing product that provides high security in remote working conditions.

Stating that new features are constantly being added, Kara said:

"First of all, in the modern world, technology offers us very significant conveniences. Some of these conveniences have been implemented so far, but some systems became more significant due to the COVID.

One of the most important of these is Video Conferencing Systems. It has emerged that people need to work and hold meetings more remotely.

So today, there are many solution providers in this field. However, technology has also revealed some risks along with the benefits and conveniences it brings.

The most critical of them is Data Security. As HAVELSAN, we are working on On-Premise solutions where the data is kept entirely within the organization. In this way, the data remains and process on the organizations' servers and systems.

Now, let me tell you about some features of HAVELSAN Diyalog. As I told you before, Diyalog works on the organizations' servers as an on-premise solution. In this way, data traffic takes place directly on the main server, and third parties can't access this data in any way.

HAVELSAN Diyalog runs based on the browser and can be used via mobile devices as well. Another feature of Diyalog is its user-friendly interface.

The user interface provides users with very easy access to all functions.

In addition, our engineers constantly develop and improve the software we offer on our systems.

We continue to make additional improvements and adding new features to our product.

In order to offer the capabilities and capacity of HAVELSAN Diyalog to users, we carried out a special installation for IDEF with our Digital Communication Sponsorship.

We offered free access to HAVELSAN Diyalog for all IDEF participants. During the event, we are happy to see that many users have the opportunity to test and use HAVELSAN Diyalog."

HAVELSAN Diyalog, a secure video conferencing solution

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