HAVELSAN representative talks about HAVELSAN KOVAN

HAVELSAN Customer Relations and Sales Manager Gökmen TÜRKMEN talked about HAVELSAN KOVAN, a new generation business management system developed by HAVELSAN engineers.

Stating that HAVELSAN KOVAN was developed for public institutions, military institutions and the private sector, Türkmen said:

"HAVELSAN has successfully implemented many end-to-end Enterprise Resource Management projects in large-scale military and public institutions for more than 20 years and has continued the maintenance activities of these projects as well.

So, we have an experienced and competent engineering team in military and public business processes.

For two years, HAVELSAN has been working on the enterprise resource management system which is an essential need of our country.

HAVELSAN has developed the KOVAN Product Family as a new generation effective management system that provides reliable, easy and traceable corporate processes under an integrated system for public and military institutions and the private sector.

The development of HAVELSAN KOVAN Product Family is a very important step towards the future of Turkey's digital transformation journey.

HAVELSAN KOVAN is a Mission Critical, Integrated IT Platform and can also work cloud-based.

Today, HAVELSAN KOVAN meets crucial needs with its Enterprise Resource Management features such as Human Resources, Finance and Logistics, compliance with the legislation, platform independence, process orientation, and inter-institutional integration support.

HAVELSAN KOVAN offers applications in the field of HR such as personnel, organization, payroll and wage management, career management, recruitment processes, time management and performance management.

In the field of logistics, applications such as purchasing, stock, progress payment management, warehouse, transportation, sales, maintenance, production, quality management and logistics planning are offered.

In the field of finance, it offers applications such as financial accounting, management accounting, fixed assets, budget management, travel management, cash management, and project management.

We divide HAVELSAN KOVAN's R&D approach into two as bringing technologies to HAVELSAN KOVAN platform and implementing technologies in KOVAN application areas.

Technology fields such as AR, Blockchain, Image Processing, IoT, AI, Big Data, Natural Information Processing stand out in the approach of bringing technologies to HAVELSAN KOVAN platform.

Areas such as Social Network Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, Stock Adequacy Control, Easy Maintenance with AR, Data Digitization with NLP, Quality Control from Material Image and Data Anonymization Tool emerge in implementing technologies in KOVAN application areas.

While our product development activities continue, we are working on a comprehensive business partnership model in order to benefit from the corporate resource management consultancy and adaptation capability in our ecosystem.

Thanks to this model, after launching the KOVAN, we aim to make the product widespread in all sectoral layers.

In addition, we are creating the KOVAN Academy infrastructure to train qualified KOVAN experts to work in the sector.

We believe the KOVAN Academy will be a very important opportunity for university students and new graduates.

This is why, we are looking for cooperation with various universities.

Also, we deal with universities in R&D within the scope of HAVELSAN KOVAN's developments in technology layers.

We cooperate with nearly 20 universities for more than 40 R&D projects we have prepared."

HAVELSAN representative talks about HAVELSAN KOVAN

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