HAVELSAN, Türkiye’s 1st simulator training center join forces with newly-inked deal

Ankara-based flight simulator producer HAVELSAN has secured a contract with the International Flight Training Center (IFTC), a key player in Turkish pilot training, the company said in a press release.

The deal, facilitated by IFTC, a subsidiary of Gözen Holding, entails the procurement of an advanced Airbus A320 NEO/CEO Full Flight Simulator (FFS) from HAVELSAN.

Mehmet Akif Nacar, General Manager of HAVELSAN, said he is glad to announce the procurement of the A320 FFS for IFTC, as he “believes that it will support IFTC in growing their training activities.”

“This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering cutting-edge training solutions to the aviation industry. Together, we aim to elevate the training experience for pilots and contribute to the advancement of aviation excellence worldwide,” he said.

Cengiz Arbaç, General Manager of IFTC, meanwhile, said: “We are proud to announce a significant advancement in our commitment to excellence in aviation training by procuring an FFS from HAVELSAN, Türkiye's premier manufacturer.”

“This strategic decision not only reflects our dedication to elevating standards for both domestic and international customers, but also signifies our confidence in HAVELSAN's emergence as a key player in the global aviation industry,” Arbaç added.

IFTC stands at the forefront of autonomous simulator training in Türkiye, setting a pioneering example in the field. With its exceptional training facilities, the center boasts strategically positioned venues across continents - one in Istanbul and another in the southern Turkish province of Antalya. Featuring a fleet of five Full Flight Simulators (FFS), serving Airbus A320 and Boeing B737NG aircraft, IFTC has earned international acclaim for its expert delivery of pilot training services to numerous airlines and ATOs, ensuring precision and excellence in meeting their training requirements.

Recognizing the significant domestic and international demand for full flight simulator capacity and training services, IFTC is dedicated to expanding its training infrastructure across its centers. In line with this commitment, HAVELSAN is deeply engaged in supporting IFTC to enhance its pilot training infrastructure, thereby elevating Türkiye's position as a premier global pilot training destination. This collaborative effort includes the provision of additional training equipment to ensure the highest quality and optimized training capacity.

Scheduled for installation at the beginning of the 2024 summer season, the HAVELSAN equipment will mark a historic moment as the first Turkish-manufactured FFS in IFTC, signifying a significant achievement for Türkiye, IFTC, and HAVELSAN.

The recent contract awarded by IFTC underscores the confidence that airlines and simulator training centers have in HAVELSAN to enhance their pilot training operations through FFSs. With an order backlog comprising eleven (11) FFSs and FTDs, HAVELSAN has completed several deliveries and received EASA simulator certifications in recent months.

HAVELSAN places a high priority on providing top-tier after-sales support and engaging in discussions regarding long-term collaborative projects with clients. Currently, the company actively seeks additional airline or training center operators to introduce them to its product range and the unique advantages it offers.

Maintaining its commitment to driving innovation in the flight simulation sector, HAVELSAN continually enhances its proficiency in developing full flight simulators and flight simulator training devices. Leveraging years of experience and deep insights into the aviation industry, the company focuses on delivering advanced solutions for commercial flight training. By pushing technological boundaries, HAVELSAN aims to develop cutting-edge training devices, highlighting its pivotal role in raising the standards and effectiveness of commercial flight training programs, ultimately contributing to the safety and proficiency of pilots worldwide.

IFTC Istanbul was established to offer complete flight simulator capacity for A320 and B737NG aircraft, A320 FTD, A320 FNPTII MCC, A320 CPT and B737NG VPT. The primary objective of IFTC is to address the increasing demand for aviation training in the region, providing training solutions with cutting-edge technology and ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. All simulators at IFTC are EASA-certified. Meanwhile, IFTC Antalya is a pioneering facility with its self-sustainable building module, solar panels, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, LED lighting, and natural landscaping. The B737NG flight simulator, known for its low energy consumption, is unparalleled in the market. Additionally, IFTC Antalya hosts the B737NG Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer and Real Fire Fighting Trainer, specifically designed to educate and train airline pilots and cabin crew members.


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