Indonesian Aerospace seeks cooperation with Turkish Aerospace companies

PT Dirgantara Indonesia, also known as Indonesian Aerospace, seeks cooperation with Turkish defense and aerospace companies to reach further markets and shorten delivery schedules, company official stated to

Talking to about the company’s latest aircraft, the N219, IGAN Satyawati, the Vice President of Business Development of PT Dirgantara Indonesia stated, "Our new aircraft, the N219, is mainly for civil customers, but it can also be used for military purposes".

She also mentions that the N219 has great potential for the Indonesian market due to the fact that Indonesia is an archipelago and that they have to use many aircrafts for connectivity, adding "It also has great potential for countries in Africa and South America".

Satyawati underlined that there is a very good opportunity for them to cooperate with Turkish Aerospace, explaining "we can fill the market and we can also have delivery on time, because now we have partners to produce the aircraft".

She also stated that they have signed an agreement with Havelsan, a Turkish company that specializes in software and training systems, to develop a flight simulator for the N219.

Talking about another one of the company’s most imported products, Satyawati said that they have modernized  their CN235 aircrafts with a new digital cockpit, adding "In 2009 we also cooperated with Turkish Aerospace to configure the aircraft to maritime and anti-submarine warfare versions and also for a surveillance version".

She finished saying "In the future, we also hope to cooperate with a Turkish company to modernize Turkey’s CN235 fleet".

Indonesian Aerospace seeks cooperation with Turkish Aerospace companies

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