Indra renewed its international Capability Maturity Model Integration certification

Indra has renewed its international CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) certification, which accredits the best practices in engineering and development of software and hardware, as well as the highest quality of its systems in its Air Traffic and Mobility markets, and in the Simulation division of the Defence and Security business. This recognition, jointly achieved for the first time, confirms the company's commitment to continuous process improvement, product and service excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Specifically, for the third consecutive time Indra has achieved level 5 of version 2.0 of the model, the highest possible level, which has only been achieved by a small group of companies, for all the programs and projects of its Air Traffic business. The Mobility market stays at level 3 version 2.0 for urban and interurban transport, traffic and infrastructure, rail, ports and airports projects. Finally, Defence and Security, which has specific standards to guarantee the excellence of its solutions and services, has once again achieved level 3 for Simulation, both civil and military simulation, as well as for the Eurofighter.

The CMMI standard evaluates the maturity of processes within entities and establishes levels of effectiveness according to the development and maintenance of software, hardware and management, as well as the fulfillment of objectives. It is the most prestigious international certification in this field and is increasingly demanded by more and more clients as a guarantee of quality, rigor and safety.

The adoption of this international benchmark model in general at Indra has allowed us to establish synergies, share and homogenize methodologies and apply the lessons learned in all areas, which helps to improve process efficiencies. Having this global certification, which Minsait also holds, sets us apart and positions Indra as a benchmark in software engineering and development, which enhances its competitiveness in the market.

Indra continuously and thoroughly reviews each of the operational, management, engineering and development processes, systematizing the planning, monitoring and control of each project to the utmost. At the same time, it has also been reviewed to ensure that best practices are followed in customer relationship, joint decision-making and analysis of the situations that allow lessons to be learned and detect opportunities for improvement. All processes are measured and analyzed following different statistical models, in order to compare them, implement improvements and measure them again.

By renewing the certification, the CMMI Institute once again recognizes Indra's pursuit of excellence and its ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality in its products and processes.

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