International defence industry agenda 22-28 June

Azerbaijan's Defense Minister, Senior Gen. Zakir Hasanov, told a television channel that Azerbaijan would buy SIHA from Turkey.

Israel's public broadcaster announced the development of multiple anti-tank Lancers in partnership with the Polish military industry.

Egypt signed an agreement to purchase 500 T-90MS main battle tanks from Russia.

The U.S. Senate has allocated $ 120 million in additional resources for the follow-up satellites project, which is used against hypersonic weapons in annual defense planning.

In a fiscal draft submitted to Parliament, Indonesia's Finance Ministry said the Defense Ministry needed a budget of about $ 11 billion for 2021.

Russian Pantsir-SMS, which were ineffective against Turkish Sihas, were added land-to-air missiles not seen in earlier models and were predicted to be used against Sihas.

Israel's Defense Ministry announced $ 7.2 billion in defense industry exports in 2019.

Japan has announced it is ceasing to use the U.S.-made land-stationed Aegis Ashore missile defense system.

International defence industry agenda 22-28 June


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