Israel signs $3.4 billion submarine deal with Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems

According to announcements made by the Israeli Defense Ministry and Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, an agreement worth $3.4 billion has been signed to build three Dakar-class submarines for the Israeli Navy.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz, CEO of Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems: “We, as Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Germans, are honoured and proud to continue the long cooperation – spanning decades – with the Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Israeli Navy. The new class of submarine will provide Israel with the most advanced capabilities, based on an innovative, cutting-edge technology.

This agreement demonstrates the deep commitment of Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems to guarantee Israel’s long-term security. It was signed after a thorough and extensive groundwork process, and I would like to thank our partners in the Ministry of Defence and the Israeli Navy for their commitment and professionalism.”

The Dakar class will be of a completely new design, which is to be specifically engineered to fulfil the operational requirements of the Israeli Navy. According to Thyssenkrupp the three submarines will replace the first batch of Dolphin-class submarines.

Dr. Rolf Wirtz: “In the last joint project with the Israeli Navy, the SA'AR-6 project, we delivered four corvettes on time and within budget. In this respect, we are very much looking forward to working with our longstanding partner again.”

Before the contract comes into effect, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems will have to hold intensive talks with its suppliers.

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