Japan to acquire 'counter strike' capability

Japan on Friday adopted an updated version of its national security strategy, allowing its armed forces to acquire what it called “counterstrike capability.”

The updated three key security and defense documents allow Japan's armed forces to “acquire the capability to strike targets in enemy territory to deter attacks, called ‘counterstrike capability’,” Kyodo News reported.

It also authorizes the government to “allocate about 43 trillion yen (approximately $315 billion) for defense budgets over five years from fiscal 2023.”

Japan will also “retain exclusively defense-oriented security policy” besides considering “reviewing strict guidelines on exporting defense equipment.”

The new national security strategy views China as the "greatest strategic challenge," and calls North Korea a “graver, more imminent threat than before” and Russia a “serious security concern.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Source: AA

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