Kalashnikov's new AK-12 rifle exceeds Russian Defense Ministry’s non-stop fire standard

The AK-12 assault rifle, developed by the Kalashnikov concern, has exceeded by far the Russian Defense Ministry’s non-stop burst fire requirement, the concern said on its Telegram channel on Thursday.

"The AK-12 endured 680 shots fired in bursts non-stop, exceeding thrice the Defense Ministry’s standard," the report says.

The newly-developed AK-12 assault rifle from Kalashnikov has a caliber of 5.45 mm. It boasts greater accuracy of fire and several Picatinny rails that provide platforms for installing additional accessories such as sights, the front handle, a flashlight and laser designator.

Also, the AK-12 is equipped with an easily detachable bayonet-type mount high-performance muzzle brake-compensator. The muzzle’s configuration allows for promptly installing noiseless and flameless fire devices.

Source: TASS

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