Kongsberg to upgrade the combat system on the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Skjold Class

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace announced that it has been assigned by Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency to upgrade the combat system on the Royal Norwegian Navy’s Skjold Class, to contribute to the life extension.

The contract amount is 267 million NoK ($26.9 million).

The Skjold Class is a vital asset for the Norwegian Navy and in addition to a ship technical modernization, the combat system will be upgraded with a similar system that is in operation on the Nansen Class today. Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is proud to deliver the combat system and to contribute to life extension of the Skjold Class.

"When the Skjold class corvettes are to be upgraded with life extension technology, it is crucial to change the combat system on board to ensure combat capability during their lifetime. The upgrade mainly consists of a new combat management system, which is coordinated with the Nansen class frigates. We will also do a updating of tactical data links and other functions in the combat system," says division director Kjetil Reiten Myhra in Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

“Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace are proud that we once more is given the trust to continue the work with the life extension of the Skjold Class. We are looking forward to integrate the best solutions of technology to provide combat readiness for the Royal Norwegian Navy,” says president, Eirik Lie of Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

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