Kosovo become the 1st international customer of Turkey’s Vuran 4x4 armored vehicles

The first foreign sales contract of the Vuran 4x4 Armored vehicle, developed in cooperation between Turkish Firms, has been signed with Kosovo.

Turkish Automotive Giant BMC has developed different configurations of the Vuran vehicle. Meanhwile Vuran 4x4 which is developed by BMC and ASELSAN cooperatively is currently in the service of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF).

Having it being used by TAF, Vuran 4x4 attracted a lot of attention from foreign countries and Kosovo has become the first country to sign on the purchase of the vehicle.

What distinguishes Vuran 4x4 is the fact that it is fitted with a 120 mm mortar gun, besides its high mobility and the ability to work in extreme terrain and weather conditions. Within the scope of the contract signed with Kosovo two Vuran 4X4 vehicles will be produce and delivered as the first stage.

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