Leonardo DRS brings next-generation situational awareness capabilities to Joint Forces

Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced Tuesday that it is providing next-generation joint-service situational awareness radio systems for U.S. military customers and allied nations.  The next-generation Joint Tactical Terminal (JTT-NG) will upgrade legacy systems currently in operation on air, land and sea platforms across all Joint Forces.

The Joint Tactical Terminal system is a core part of the company’s range of networking and communications capabilities for Joint Forces platforms. New JTT-NG systems are being produced by the Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business and orders can be placed through the Joint Tactical Terminal contract vehicle from the Joint Tactical Terminal program office.

The JTT-NG two-way beyond line-of-sight communications system improves on the previous version by providing more capabilities and a more than 60 percent reduction in size and weight. Its comprehensive near real-time battlespace awareness capability communicates to the warfighter millions of threat, survivor, and Blue Force Tracking reports daily, and is the only modular Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) receive and transmit terminal available in the market.

“Leonardo DRS is proud to provide next-generation IBS technology to ensure our warfighters have unmatched battlefield situational awareness,” said Larry Ezell, Senior Vice President General Manager of the Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business. “This system is the best long-term technical solution available for all military forces to ensure their critical mission needs are met.”

For more than 15 years, Leonardo DRS has provided Joint Tactical Terminal Systems supporting Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS) to users across multiple airborne, land and sea platforms. The next-generation IBS technology offers more functionality with the full-duplex satellite communications system supporting multiple waveforms in an NSA-certified High Assurance (Formerly Type 1) design. The JTT-NG is postured for long-term use in the IBS Enterprise, with the capability to host current and emerging waveforms, such as WCDMA/MUOS.

The JTT-NG is the world’s most advanced IBS transmit/receive terminal, and also continues the company’s legacy of seamless communications and interoperability between the United States and its “Five Eye” partners.

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