Leonardo will develop the diagnostic infrastructures of the ITER reactor

Leonardo announced that it was awarded, through its subsidiary Vitrociset, the tender announced by the ITER Organization for “Diagnostic Infrastructure Development and Engineering Services”. 

ITER is one of the most ambitious projects in the world in the field of energy. In France, in the Bouches-du-Rhône department, 35 Countries are engaged in the construction of the largest Tokamak ever designed, a machine that must prove that the fusion - the energy of the Sun and the stars - can be used for the production of large-scale electricity, based on safe technologies and from renewable sources. The results of the ITER science program will be decisive in paving the way for the fusion power plants of tomorrow. To date, the ITER program has received funding for over 20 billion euros and the primary objective is the ignition of the so-called first plasma in 2025.

Vitrociset's activities within the Diagnostics division of ITER started in 2016 with the signing of a first framework contract, which saw the company being the leader of the consortium made up of the most important Italian research institutes, the National Council of Research (CNR) and the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development (ENEA). In 2018 Vitrociset was also selected among the main industrial groups, which work in control and robotics systems, to supply the Remote Handling Supervisory Control System for the ITER reactor. The company was committed to the design, development, integration and commissioning of the system dedicated to the interface of all robotic equipment intended for plant maintenance interventions, in order to ensure real-time communication with the Central Control System (CODAC).

The contract, which has just been signed, provides for activities until 2026, which will be carried out by Vitrociset personnel, thanks to an international team that today can count on over 20 people, physicists and engineers, which will grow further.The team working on diagnostics works alongside Vitrociset staff, engaged in control systems, both at ITER, and at the European program development support agency, Fusion For Energy (F4E).

The award of this additional tender allows Vitrociset to grow and consolidate its presence in the Big Science world, a sector of strategic importance today. In this way, the company will continue to support the development of activities for the ignition of the first plasma, which represents a global challenge to build a new energy production plant, based on renewable sources, which can guarantee safety and reliability.

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