Menatek executives came together at the "Strategic Change Workshop"

The board members and team leaders of MENATEK Defense Technologies, which supplies many countries around the world with armored military vehicles, with its originally designed sub-components, came together at the "Strategic Change Workshop" organized by the company.

the following were included in a statement made by MENATEK about the workshop:

“Last weekend, we came together with our board members and team leaders in Kilyos for the Menatek Strategic Change Workshop. We had the opportunity to have a two-days experience, both enjoyable and instructive, by addressing Menatek's changeover journey and by doing a SWOT Analysis for the company while looking at the past, present and future simultaneously.

Accompanied by the peaceful sea view of Kilyos, in this workshop where innovative and instructive ideas were discussed in our company's growth and development journey, from time to time we had the opportunity to question ourselves and to thank each other for our presence in the company with the most sincerest feelings. We shared with each other that institutional and personal changes do not happen immediately, they require patience and that we, as the Menatek family, with the legacy we have received from half a century of experience, with our young and well-equipped staff, are very willing to undertake this journey and we have encouraged all departments to act with the awareness of 'us' on this journey. We took notes on what we could do.

Hoping to be together again in other Workshops, which will be the light for us to be the leader of our business, to gain the awareness of 'we' in the most meaningful way... ''

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