Military Radar and Border Security Summit hosts 1,500 visitors

The Military Radar and Border Security Summit (MRBS), which was held for the third time this year, welcomed 1,500 visitors in the Turkish capital Ankara this week.

At the summit organized by the Ankara branch of Turkey’s Independent Industrialists and Businessmen Association (MUSIAD), 110 companies exhibited their latest products to the procurement committees from over 20 countries and local defense industry representatives.

On the conference side of the MRBS, of which is the official media partner, three special presentation and seven sessions were held. 

The topics were using radar for spatial intelligence, importance of border security in World War III, the latest developments in the protection of sensitive areas, the migrant crisis, national activities in the field of border management, new technologies in border security, the use of UAVs in cross-border operations and for border security, and mobile border security systems. 

At the closing ceremony of the MRBS, Hasan Fehmi Yilmaz, the head of MUSIAD Ankara, told that the summit became an important cooperation platform for industrialists. 

“Our domestic and national defense industry, which improves itself day by day, plays a very important role in the development of Turkish industry and especially SMEs,” said Yilmaz.

“We will always continue to stand by our industrialists and support them with the commercial platforms we have developed,” he added.

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