NATO chief dismisses immediate Russian military threat to alliance

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Sunday that there is currently no imminent military threat from Russia towards a NATO member, highlighting the alliance's strengthened defense capabilities.

In an interview with German public broadcaster ARD, Stoltenberg dismissed claims that Russia would attack a member of the alliance if it wins the war in Ukraine.

"We do not currently perceive a military threat against a NATO ally in the near future," he said, noting that NATO has been "significantly strengthened" in recent years and all member states have invested "significantly" in their own defense.

NATO has adapted to the new reality arising from Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea in 2014, acknowledging and adjusting to the changed circumstances, he said.

Stoltenberg said he expects Germany and all NATO members to modernize their armed forces and equip them accordingly, noting that Germany is currently the member with the highest defense spending after the US and the UK.

Stoltenberg emphasized Germany's contribution to the collective defense of NATO and urged both Germany and other partners to intensify their efforts to build a reliable defense for the future.

Assessing the potential impact on NATO should former US President Donald Trump be re-elected, Stoltenberg expressed confidence that the US would remain a reliable and loyal ally for NATO due to various reasons aligning with its security interests.

Regarding Trump's past criticism of members not spending enough on NATO, he clarified that it was more a critique of insufficient spending by NATO allies, emphasizing that with increased spending and unity, NATO remains secure.

Stoltenberg also highlighted that NATO members account for 50% of the world's economic and military power, making the alliance essential for the US, and he expects them to remain reliable partners as long as they stand and act together.

Source: AA

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