NATO shows Ukrainian pilots’ training on F-16 fighters in Denmark

NATO demonstrated how Ukrainian pilots are preparing to fly F-16 fighter jets in Denmark.

A video of the training was published on NATO’s official YouTube account on Wednesday, showing a Ukrainian pilot with the call sign Moonfish.

The pilot shared his impressions of the aircraft and demonstrated his flying capabilities.

He said the fighter jet “has excellent handling and a powerful engine, which makes it possible to perform fast maneuvers.”

The technical staff, along with the pilots are also subjected to training and exercise, as they will have to maintain the aircraft at the airfields once the jets are delivered to Ukraine.

The beginning of the training of two groups of Ukrainian pilots was reported to have began in March 2024.

Denmark is donating F-16s to Ukraine, along with NATO allies Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway.

The war-stricken country is set to receive the first batch of F-16 jets from both Denmark and Belgium in the summer of 2024.

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