New Portable Ammunition Systems used by Turkish soldiers

Produced by Turkish defense giant STM, the Portable Ammunition Systems DM-5 and DM-7 were put into use by Turkish security forces.

President of the Presidency of Turkish Defence Industries Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made the following statements on his Twitter account:

“Our defense industry continues to offer the Turkish soldiers with products that will create a difference on the battlefield. The Portable Ammunition Systems DM-5 and DM-7 are in use by our security forces. The system developed for 5.56mm and 7.62mm machine guns, provide uninterrupted firing. Developed completely by STM Defense according to the needs, demands and experiences of the Turkish soldiers, the system has superior features compared to similar systems of other 3 countries. The system's lightness, durability, ergonomics and features such as, usability by a single person, adjustability according to specific body characteristics and the no need for assembly, mounting and preparation processes by that providing instant firepower, will provide the Turkish soldiers with significant advantages in the field.”

STM tarafından geliştirilen Taşınabilir Mühimmat Sistemleri DM-5 ve DM-7


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