North Korea fires another projectile after warning shot over US sanctions

North Korea may have possibly tested another missile on Friday, hours after rebuking the US for trying to undermine Pyongyang’s “legitimate right to self-defense.”

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff claimed North Korea fired an unidentified projectile in the early hours of Friday, while Japan said it “could be a ballistic missile.”

If confirmed, this will be Pyongyang’s third missile launch of the year, following two tests in less than a week of what North Korean state media said were “hypersonic missiles.”

The tests have led to the US imposing sanctions on five people involved in North Korea’s missile programs.

A spokesperson for North Korea’s Foreign Ministry said the US sanctions are “clearly a provocation” and criticized Washington for “aggravating the situation intentionally.”

The US’ “gangster logic … questions the exercise of our legitimate right to self-defense,” read a statement carried by the state-run Korean Central News Agency.

The official said North Korea’s push for a “new-type weapon” is only to enhance its “national defense capability, not for aiming at a specific country or force.”

The statement warned of “a stronger and clearer response” if the US continues with its “attitude of confrontation.”

Source: AA

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