Now official: Finland inks deal with Patria for 6x6 APCs

Finnish defense industry company Patria announced on Friday that a ceremony was held to sign an agreement with the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command for the serial procurement of heavy armored personnel carrier 6x6 vehicles from Patria.

The company announced the development via its social media accounts, stating, “now it’s official.”

The first phase of the acquisition will include one pre-series vehicle and 20 Kongsberg remote weapon stations, which will be integrated into the vehicles.

The acquisition also includes an option for an additional 18 vehicles.

The ceremony was attended by Tommi Svensk, Senior Vice President of the Army Business Area at Patria Finland Division; Jussi Järvinen, Executive Vice President of Patria Finland Division; Jari Mikkonen, Major General and Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command; and Juha-Matti Ylitalo, Brigadier General Engineering and Deputy Chief of the Finnish Defence Forces Logistics Command.

The company previously said in a press release on April 26 that the country would purchase the vehicles under the Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS).

The CAVS program, which commenced in 2020, currently includes Latvia, Sweden, and Germany, apart from Finland.

Approximately 700 Patria 6x6 vehicles have been ordered within the program.

The Patria 6x6 boasts modularity and top-notch performance while remaining straightforward, durable, and cost-effective, making it ideal for deployment in sizable fleets. It is primarily intended for troop transport as an Armored Personnel Carrier (APC), but it can also be adapted for various other combat support functions, including serving as a Company Command vehicle, Medical Evacuation vehicle, Heavy APC, and even accommodating the 120mm Patria Nemo mortar system.

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